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Carolyn Gangi

graduated with honors from St. Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing N.Y.C., N.Y. in 1973 as a registered nurse.

She worked as an acute care nurse from 1973-1988 in various hospitals, including St. Luke’s (now St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital) in N.Y.C., then, Cedars Sinai, and U.C.L.A. in Los Angeles.

Carolyn became a certified colon therapist in 1985 and left hospital nursing in 1988 to pursue her career as a colon therapist full time. Since then, she has become an expert in her field and has devoted her efforts to learning and furthering education on the integral role the digestive system plays in our overall health.

She still maintains an active R.N. license in the state of California.

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Why I became a colon therapist:

After spending 15 years as an acute care nurse, I became increasingly frustrated with western medicine's focus being mostly on disease and pathology and paying only lip service to prevention.

Things are slowly changing, but most western tests and treatments still introduce more and more chemicals/toxins into the body with little regard as to how we eliminate them. Add the intake of unwanted toxins from our air, food and water and it becomes obvious that our body probably needs some help doing its natural job of detoxifying us. You can't just keep polluting a river and expect to be able to drink from it.

That's where I come in… assisting people in cleaning up their own personal environment and allowing the body to function as it should.

Colon therapy is not a cure all or panacea. It is however, an invaluable tool in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

I'm not suggesting that alternative medicine has all the answers, but it does insist that the "patient" takes responsibility for their health. You are an equal partner in your own health, participating fully in your own well- being.

I have now worked as a colon therapist for over 25 years and feel I have been able to assist my clients in a much more profound way than I could as a western medicine practitioner. However, I am glad I have a knowledge base in both worlds.

All colon hydrotherapy treatments are given by me. Treatments include abdominal massage, foot reflexology and treatment with a light beam generator.

Basic nutrition and detoxification guidance is given.
Appointments are 90 minutes.

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